Credit Card Debt

Rated with Better Business Bureau, at Golden Financial Services, we understand that being buried in credit card debt and receiving threatening calls and letters from creditors or collectors can be a downright scary experience.  If you are behind on your payments or simply struggling to stay current, it is time for you to explore your debt relief options.  Golden Financial Services has partnered with some of the most trusted debt relief institutions in the debt and financial services industries. Our service providers have managed trillions of dollars collectively in credit card debt and have the necessary experience to navigate the debt settlement negotiation processes. They have established relationships with creditors and financial institutions in order to reach the most favorable debt settlement offers for our clients. Our team will be with you every step of the way and will be available to help whenever it is needed.

When you schedule a free financial assessment with Golden Financial Services, our debt counselors will provide you with the best debt settlement advice for your current financial situation. We will help you to determine the best debt settlement solutions that will be the most cost-effective and efficient for your situation. If consumers qualify for debt settlement, they will be enrolled into a debt settlement program with one of the best debt settlement companies in America. Trustworthy debt settlement companies will always educate the consumer on all of their debt relief options. Beware if you feel like you are being pressured into a debt relief program that is not right for your particular situation.

When you choose Golden Financial Services as your credit card debt settlement company, here are some of the services you can expect:

  • Protection from the harassment of debt collectors.
  • Online customer toolbox where clients have 24/7 access to their account, including educational information and videos, document storage including good news creditor letters and settlement letters, monthly updates, creditor offers, activity notes, the ability to update their budget and make changes on their account, the ability to upload statements, access to their trust account, view their settlement balance, on-line banking and more!
  • Over 400 leading lawyers on-line, 7 days a week. Legal advice and help 24 hours a day.
  • Matched with a highly skilled state attorney in the event that any legal issues should arise.
  • Over 15 legal services in the first 30 days of the program, designed to educate the client and help them become financially fit so they are in better shape when they come out of the program. Having an attorney spend hours each month on their case would normally cost $350 per hour to retain the attorneys that specialize in this field. With our program it’s all included in the client’s payment with no out of pocket costs.

Golden Financial Services has been in the credit card debt relief industry since 2004. With over 8 years of experience and knowledge, Golden Financial Services is one of the most trusted debt relief companies in the country.


BBB debt settlement “A” Rated companies are the safest type of company to sign up with for a consumer needing debt relief.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is the best place for a consumer to visit to check out a company to see how long a company has been in business, how many complaints a company has and much more. Consumers can look up insurance companies, debt companies, restaurants and pretty much any type of company at the BBB website.

Debt relief services through a debt settlement BBB highly rated company ensures the following:

  • Consumers never have to worry about a complaint not getting resolved, when dealing with BBB debt settlement companies that have high ratings. The BBB requires that a debt settlement company resolves any and all complaints. GFS has a policy where if there is ever a complaint, it gets resolved and responded to in less than 48 hours.
  • Did you know that the BBB checks to ensure that clients actually graduate the program or that there are satisfied clients from a debt settlement BBB “A” rated company? The BBB will actually call clients to verify that they are truly happy clients. There is no fooling or tricking the BBB.
  • The BBB looks at the Length of time a business has been operating. BBB debt settlement companies that are highly rated must have a proven track record. GFS has been in business and focusing on debt settlement since 2004. GFS has as much or more experience than any company in the United States and also partners up with only highly rated attorneys that have expertise in the legal field.

Currently the servicing negotiators for GFS clients are settling on average, 2500 accounts every month. The aggressiveness taking place in the settlement department leads to lots of graduating clients.

Did you ever hear someone say that you can “pay for your “A” with the BBB”?

Let us tell you the truth, that’s not really true.

BBB accredited debt settlement companies and BBB accredited debt consolidation companies do pay to be accredited. You pay for accreditation, but not for an “A” with the BBB. Accreditation means you will be a listed advertised company in the Better Business Bureau Directory. Golden Financial Services does not pay for advertising, so to have a good rating with the BBB, we must work real hard for it.

If you are overwhelmed with debt, how good would it feel to actually graduate the debt settlement program and become debt free?

That’s a dumb question; we all know it would feel great!
Take the safe route and contact a debt settlement BBB “A” rated company today for free information on debt relief options. GFS can be that company!

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